CD purchased  by Broward County Schools,  5th Largest School District in the United States, for every elementary school Spanish teacher


All Spanish Version

A Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner
A Parents' Choice
Approved Award Winner!

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Activity Book
Writing, speaking and comprehension activities to complement the musical CD

Bilingual stage production starring your students...educational, fun and a great fundraiser!

Giving the gift of Spanish to children is a joy. I teach Spanish to children by singing Spanish to children, and you can too simply by playing these CDs. It is never too early to teach Spanish to kids; their minds are wired for it.

SING YOUR WAY TO SPANISH WITH JODY is a language method both in a bilingual and all Spanish version. These Parent's Choice Approved Award Winning CDs will entertain and engage your child in fun catchy original songs. While you think you are putting on the CDs to teach your children Spanish, they will be requesting it because they want it. Both teachers and parents of the children who have this CD report back to me that they and their children listen to the Spanish CDs over and over again….thus memorizing every word!!!

Every word in the songs and in the dialogues on both the Spanish CD and the Bilingual Spanish/English CD is spelled out in the CD jacket.

Language teachers love the product. Spanish lessons for children take on a whole new excitement when children want to learn.

It is never to early to expose children to a foreign language and never too late to start! SING YOUR WAY TO SPANISH is one of the best language investments you will ever make.

The results will amaze you! You'll hear the music in your head, and surprise, surprise, the Spanish will be there too!

Be sure and hit the “SAMPLE JODY’S MUSIC” tab to hear a few tunes.

¡Que goce! Enjoy!


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